Media Rounds

NOIPolls 2017 National Poll Release

Official visit to INEC Abuja office 2017

Manufacturing Sector Launch 2017

Emigration of Doctors Report Launch 2017

Situational Assessment of Internally Displaced Persons' Survey Report Launch 2016

Manufacturing Sector Launch 2016

#SMWPolling2016: 'When-Data-Speaks' at Social Media Week Lagos

Social Media Week Lagos, 2015 (#SMWPolling)

NOIPolls at The FRSC Annual Lecture

Social Media Week Lagos (#SMWPolling)

Lagos Press Briefing: NOIPolls Portfolio of Indices

NOIPolls Press Conference: Portfolio of Indices

NOIPolls Open Day

Courtesy Visit by DFID/ENABLE Assessment Team

NOIPolls Media Tour (South East Nigeria)

Courtesy Visit by The White Ribbon Alliance

NOIPolls on AIT Kakaaki