Dr Bell Ihua

Dr Bell Ihua, Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Bell Ihua is the Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of NOIPolls Limited. With over 15 years consulting, research and academic experience across two continents, Dr. Ihua is involved in the general management of the company’s day-to-day operations and has earned the reputation of a truly respected researcher and opinion pollster within the West Africa sub-region.

Prior to his joining NOIPolls, he was a member of the academic faculty of Coventry Business School, Coventry University, United Kingdom, where he taught business and management modules and supervised undergraduate & postgraduate dissertations under the Department of Strategy and Applied Management (SAM). Prior to that, he was an Assistant Lecturer and Researcher at Kent Business School, University of Kent, United Kingdom. He subsequently joined NOIPolls in 2012 as Director of Research & Chief Methodologist, and rose to become Chief Operating Officer in 2014; providing overall operational leadership, management, and technical support on all opinion polling, survey and research consulting projects & assignments handled by the company.

Dr. Bell has been very instrumental to the company’s turnaround, increased brand visibility and Africa expansion efforts. Over the last four years he has led teams of researchers to handle numerous research assignments & consult for some of the leading private, public and international development organizations operating Nigeria, such as the World Bank, USCSO, German GIZ, and British DFID amongst others. In February 2015, he was appointed an Adjunct Professor at Baze University, Abuja; where he currently collaborates with faculty members to conceptualize & implement rigorous applied research projects in the field of business, management and entrepreneurship development. He is also a member of ESOMAR World Research, Netherlands.

He is an alumnus of Kent Business School, and holds a Bachelor of Science degree from University of Abuja; as well as MSc Business Management (Birmingham, UK), MBA & MSc Knowledge Management (RGU Aberdeen, Scotland UK) and PhD Business Administration & Management (Kent, UK).

Dr. Bell was appointed interim CEO of NOIPolls in August 2015, and as Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer on 2nd September, 2015. He is passionate about championing opinion research across Africa, and expanding the company’s business operations across the West-African sub-region. He’s an enthusiast & connoisseur of several genres of African music such as Highlife, Gospel, Soukous, Ndombolo, Afro-beat, Zilizopendwa, Pata-Pata, Tuku, Egwu-Ikpili & Rumba to mention a few.