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Polling Services

Developing the capacity to systemically assess the opinion of Nigerians on socio-economic and governance issues is a very important activity given the country’s large size and ethnic diversity. Nigeria is one of the few large countries in the world without an independent polling capability. Indeed many other emerging market economies, including Brazil, India, and South Africa, have domestic capacity to assess national public opinion.

The NOIPolls Opinion Polling Centre (NOPC) is a call center dedicated to capturing the opinions of Nigerians daily.  With the country’s Tele-density at 92% (NCC Figures), telephone polling provides a quick access to information. The NOPC provides the Polling service.

With very experienced telephone polling analysts from various cultural backgrounds and having multilingual skills, we pride ourselves in providing timely firsthand information, covering all sectors of the Nigerian economy, capturing public opinion with the highest sense of integrity in a professional manner and with commitment compared to none.

 Key Products

  • Opinion Research Surveys
  • Market Research Surveys
  • Consumer Studies
  • Product Testing

Key Benefits

Consultancy Services

In a highly competitive market, our specialized consulting services unit provides a deliberate and unbiased approach to creating a competitive advantage for our clients based on market research and survey results. Our outputs enable our clients to identify critical behavioral trends and preferences, thus improving decision-making and policy effectiveness.

The information derived  from  independent surveys  provides  clients  with important contextual information about the Nigerian environment and specificc areas of interest, thereby enhancing their business planning and implementation processes.  NOIPolls field operations have distinguished itself as the goto by differential through quality of field research and integrity of data provided.

We cover the 36 states of Nigeria and FCT, as well as some West African Countries.

Key Benefits

  • Monitor and Evaluate Intervention
  • Create Key Strategic Opinion for Client
  • Provide Data for Advocacy

 Key Products

  • Market Research
  • Specialized Surveys
  • Field Research

Annual Subscription Service

The NOI Annual Subscription Service is designed to serve all sectors of the Nigerian Economy.

The NOI Annual Subscription Service is a yearly subscription to the results and data analysis of specifc or industry related surveys done during the year. The results are trended over a period of time to help clients measure their organization’s performance.

This service allows for annual, biannual, quarterly and monthly plans for clients.

 Key Benefits

  • Client’s Market Knowledge is reinforced
  • Competitive Advantage & Fast Tracked Business Growth
  • Platform for Corporate Social Responsibility

 Key Products

  • Media Intelligent Analysis
  • Corporate Image Perception Audit
  • Business Intelligence Report
  • Business Strategic Analysis

Sector Coverage

We provide insight using data and analytics that is useful to leaders and decision makers at various levels and in different organizations. Below are our service offerings to the public sector, private sector, and the third/development sector.

Public sector:
As a research organization, we have conducted various consultancy studies for government agencies, ministries and parastatals which have brought valuable insight to productivity levels, gaps if any, and recommendations for possible solutions. Some recent studies conducted for the public sector include:
1. Quality Assurance on Customer Enumeration Survey
2. Perception and Causative factors survey in Nigeria
3. Customer Perception and Satisfaction Survey
4. Observational Study
5. Customer satisfaction study
6. Attitudinal Survey
7. Stakeholder Perception Survey
8. Country Survey

Private sector:
Some of the more common service offerings we provide to the private sector include
1. Customer Perception Surveys
2. Mystery Shopping
3. Product Test
4. Price Sensitivity Study
5. Brand health
6. Brand Loyalty
7. Retail audit
8. Customer Perception Study
9. Behavioral Study
10. Target Group Index
11. Right Execution Daily
12. Diary
13. Omnibus
14. Media Reach
15. Purchasing Manager Index
16. Market Study
17. Customer Satisfaction Survey
18. Consumption Patterns Survey
19. Brand Awareness and Product Purchase Survey
20. Shoppers Behavior
21. Adverting Testing
22. Price Research
23. Household Survey
24. Communication Network Users in Nigeria
25. Ethnographic Research
26. Experimental Research
27. Market Potential Study
28. In hall survey
29. Awareness, usage, brand attitudes, perceptions, and purchase intent of the brand

Third sector:
The third sector mostly comprises of non-governmental organizations, civil society organizations and developmental organizations. These surveys are largely centered on Social research issues and Health research:
1. Awareness of Services
2. Key Influencers Survey
3. Health Facilities Assessment
4. Rapid Assessment of Community Health Facilities
5. Energy Consumption Survey
6. Baseline Surveys
7. Mid-line Survey
8. End line Surveys
9. Public Opinion Survey
10. Socio Political Surveys
11. Monitoring and Evaluation Surveys
12. Household and Enterprise Survey
13. Infrastructure assessment
14. Pyramid/Energy Access Study
15. Dynamic Monitoring & Evaluation Survey
16. Aquaculture Survey
17. Impact Assessment
18. Citizens’ Perception Survey of Service Delivery and Governance
19. Educational Sector
20. Agricultural Sector Evaluation Survey
21. Perception Survey on Elections
22. Annual Perception Survey
23. Security Threat Assessment
24. Household Survey on the consumption