Polling Services


Developing the capacity to systemically assess the opinion of Nigerians on socio-economic and governance issues is a very important activity given the country’s large size and ethnic diversity. Nigeria is one of the few large countries in the world without an independent polling capability. Indeed many other emerging market economies, including Brazil, India, and South Africa, have domestic capacity to assess national public opinion.

The NOIPolls Opinion Polling Centre (NOPC) is a call center dedicated to capturing the opinions of Nigerians daily.  With the country’s Tele-density at 92% (NCC Figures), telephone polling provides a quick access to information. The NOPC provides the Polling service.

With very experienced telephone polling analysts from various cultural backgrounds and having multilingual skills, we pride ourselves in providing timely firsthand information, covering all sectors of the Nigerian economy, capturing public opinion with the highest sense of integrity in a professional manner and with commitment compared to none.


  • Opinion Research Surveys
  • Market Research Surveys
  • Consumer Studies
  • Product Testing



POTT is NOIPolls specialized Public Opinion Tracking Toolkit which can be used to measure a set of standard variables in any sector. It is a polling diagnostic tool which can be likened to a stethoscope which quickly gives an overview of any subject matter.

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