In 2022, Nigerians Want The Government To Focus On Security, Reduction In Prices Of Goods & Services and Economy – New Poll Reveals

Abuja, Nigeria. January 11th, 2022 – A new public opinion poll released by NOIPolls has revealed that the top three key areas Nigerians want the government to focus its attention on in 2022 are security (50 percent), reduction in prices of goods and services (44 percent), Economy and job creation both tied at (42 percent). Other areas include Electricity (36 percent), Health (28 percent), Agriculture (19 percent), Education (8 percent), Water (5 percent), and Road (3 percent).

On security, Nigeria has experienced devastating attacks from armed bandits for a long time. While these attacks initially started in the Northwest region of Nigeria, they have since spread to other parts of the country. Armed bandits frequently kidnap unsuspecting members of the public before using their captives to secure huge ransoms in return for their release. Hundreds of people have been kidnapped and millions of naira demanded in ransom before their release thereby putting the families of the kidnapped victims in great distress and confusion.

To worsen this, bandits have recently taken to targeting softer targets, such as schools, for instance, the mass kidnapping in Zamfara states. The Nigeria Security Tracker report has shown that no fewer than 1,525 persons have been killed in the early part of 2021 alone in the country. In terms of terrorism, it is also reported that the country is now placed third most impacted by terrorism according to Global Terrorism index 2020 after Afghanistan and Libya.[1]

Regarding prices of goods and services, the National Bureau for statistics has it that inflation now stands at 15.99 percent which is a drop for the seventh consecutive time in recent times. Although, inflation has dropped it is yet to reflect in the prices of items in the market as the common man continues to wriggle in pain under the heavyweight of price increase of food and other commodities, eating deep into the pockets of the average citizen. Especially during the yuletide season, the prices of items have in some cases doubled or tripled and have made life tough for the average citizen of the country[2].

In terms of the economy, in 2020 Nigeria experienced its deepest recession in two decades but resumed growth in 2021 as pandemic restrictions were eased and oil prices recovered, and other policies were implemented by the authorities to cushion the effect of the recession but presently over 83 million Nigerians are living below the poverty line and many more are expected to live below the poverty line.[3] This is occasioned by inequality in incomes and opportunity, lack of job opportunities, regional inequalities as well as social and political unrest. High inflation has also taken its toll on the economy and much more. The government is expected to do more to make life easy for the common man in the country.

With these challenges, it is indeed important for the government to expedite action in the areas enumerated by Nigerians to ameliorate the sufferings Nigerians are facing so that everyone will experience prosperity in the year 2022 as every Nigerian look forward to such improvements in their lives. These are some of the key highlights from the New Year Poll conducted in the week commencing December 13th, 2021.

Survey Background

The New Year celebration is a major celebrated event in the country succeeding the yuletide celebration. The celebration is usually occasioned by carnivals, traditional dances, sharing of gifts, and many more to mark the New Year. Most of the time, people see it as an opportunity to thank God for sparing their lives into the New Year while others see it as a time to start afresh and take certain trajectories in their lives.  Also, many see it as an opportunity to make resolutions towards certain goals of their lives and seek to pursue them with vigor and determination.

Nigerians are believing and trust that the New Year will bring the much-desired relief to their lives economically and in other aspects. The year 2021 had its challenges such as insecurity and economic hardship however, Nigerians expect the government to expedite action and stimulate the economy so that common moan will experience meaningful progress and development. Against this backdrop, NOIPolls conducted a poll to gauge the perception of Nigerians regarding their expectations for the year 2022.

Survey Findings

The survey result revealed that 50 percent of adult Nigerians expect the government of Nigeria to focus its attention on securing the country. It is indeed obvious that the security of the country has deteriorated in recent times owing to the increase in kidnappings, herdsmen attack, banditry, terrorism, and so on. Indeed, the average Nigerian lives in fear and trepidation hence, the need for government to tackle insecurity in the country. In the early weeks of 2021, there have been no fewer than 1,525 persons killed in the country. These figures only cover reported cases of Boko Haram insurgency, banditry, herdsmen crisis, kidnapping, communal and cult clashes, armed robbery, and brutality of security agencies amongst others.

Additionally, 44 percent of Nigerians expect the government to concentrate its attention on reducing the prices of goods and services. The inflation rate is pegged at 15.99 percent which is the seventh consecutive reduction in inflation in the country but yet the prices of goods and services remain high. Hence, there should be a bridge between the inflation figures churned out at intervals and the reality on the ground. It is expected that the government will also work hard to bring about a reduction in prices of goods and services so that Nigerians can afford a reasonable standard of living.

Similarly, 42 percent stated that the government should pay more attention to the economy. Although the economy of Nigeria grew by 4.03 percent in the third quarter of 2021, the citizens are still wriggling in the challenges posed by the economy. The poverty level has continued to increase, and unemployment now stands at 33 percent which is a clear indication that the economy is in dire strait and needs overhauling so Nigerians can prosper economically. Other areas include job creation (42 percent), Electricity (36 percent), Health (28 percent), Agriculture (19 percent), Education (8 percent), Water (5 percent), and Road (3 percent).


In conclusion, the poll result revealed that Nigerians want the government to focus its attention mostly on security, Reduction in prices of goods and services, and Economy in 2022. As long as we continue to treat the issue of national security separately from the issue of national development in which challenges of poverty, inequality, unemployment, social exclusion on account of tribe and religion are not tackled proactively, the problem of insecurity will remain very much alive and will continue to plague the country.

Therefore, it is expected that government will yield into these yearnings of the masses and focus its attention on these critical areas in 2022. This is an important task the citizens are asking the government to embark upon in the New Year to ameliorate the challenges the masses are facing. It remains to be seen if the government will take up this onerous task and bring about the much-needed change in the country.

Survey Methods

The opinion poll was conducted in the week commencing December 13th, 2021. It involved telephone interviews of a proportionate nationwide sample of 1,000 randomly selected phone-owning Nigerians aged 18 years and above, representing the six geopolitical regions and 36 states and the FCT of the country. Interviews were conducted in 5 languages – Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba, Pidgin English, and English. Although we can say with 95% confidence that the results obtained were statistically precise – within a margin of error of plus or minus 4.65%; we recognize that the exclusive use of telephone polling has its limitation of excluding non-phone-owning Nigerians. Nonetheless, with the country’s teledensity put over 100 percent by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), we consider our telephone polling approach appropriate. Also, given the rigorous scientific process of randomization and stratification applied, we can confidently stand by the validity of our methodology and approach. NOIPolls Limited, No1 for country-specific polling services in West Africa. We conduct periodic opinion polls and studies on various socio-economic and political issues in Nigeria. More information is available at


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