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With Olympic venues across the Harbour Bridge, Bondi Beach, Moore Park, Sydney Olympic and the Royal Botanic Gardens in city’s inner west.

With two days left to go before the opening ceremony on Friday, crowds are flocking there to witness the opening ceremonies of four Olympic and Paralympic Games in the city’s CBD.

ABC’s 7.30 has captured the moment people on streets of Sydney are preparing for the biggest event of year.

As Australia gears up to watch the Olympics, Australians are flocking to watch on their TVs as well mobile smartphones because of the large number people trying to watch the Games on TV.

Some Australians are getting up early and heading out to see what they think, while others are staying up late and late.

On Sunday a man Bondi Beach was caught on video telling people "sorry to bum you out, it’s a day for fun."

The Australian Olympic Committee said that the crowds had so far exceeded all expectations.

Australia’s Olympic and Paralympic squads have been working towards a great success with the opening ceremonies on 22nd. It was one of the most widely read pieces of political commentary the last 20 years: "There is a war on Christmas" by Michael Moore in the New York Times.

The headline grabbed attention of millions. That was the day of annual "War on Christmas" in the schools, of "War on Christmas" at sporting events and of the "War on order diflucan online cheap Christmas" for Christmas trees.

I was reminded by a reader that it was also one of the most frequently quoted pieces of political journalism (I think). I had not heard it before. I had to look it up on Wikipedia to find it. A little research revealed that it had been written by David Halberstam, a former Newsweek editor.

Halberstam was asked by Newsweek in where to buy over the counter diflucan 1978 to write about the future of American Left. He went on to become an editor at the venerable Time magazine, and to co-author the book "Stalin’s Reign of Terror." From there he wrote books about "the moral bankruptcy of Reagan’s conservative base," and "how leftist writers were becoming radicalized to the point of anti-Semitism and fascism, as well anti-sexism." His work often was characterized as being on the liberal side of divide, a very interesting observation.

It is fascinating to be reminded of the origins War on Christmas, to have a little of the source material to share with my fellow Americans. This is particularly interesting because it turns out that Halberstam had some very good friends, many of whom were Republicans. One his friends was George Will. I also learned that William Kristol is his fellow-traveler.

In the past half-century, War on Christmas has been an essential component of the Republican strategy, and it is one of Halberstam’s great regrets that he did not see the.

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