Online Survey Panel:

 Be part of a global community of individuals shaping their world through opinions

NOIPolls is the No.1 for country-specific polling services in West Africa. We deliver forward-thinking research and relevant data on public opinion and consumer markets on a range of topics.
Since its inception in 2006, NOIPolls has been championing opinion research in Nigeria and across West Africa; helping organizations answer strategic questions and supporting decision making.
NOIPolls has recently launched its online survey panel, aimed at enhancing the company’s data gathering capacity, and fostering its mission "to actively engage the public in using their voice to support decision making".
Here are some benefits of being part of the NOIPolls Online Survey Panel:
1. Opportunity to be part of a global community of individuals shaping their world through opinions;
2.  Opportunity to provide useful opinions & data to support decision making at public, private and third sector levels;
3.  Opportunity to receive timely information on latest research findings and results;
4. Opportunity to be part of periodic product testing, raffle draws, lucky dips and seasonal promotions; and
5. Opportunity to access NOIPolls' branded memorabilia, gifts, and interesting freebies such as shopping coupons, airline tickets, smart phones, recharge cards, and tickets for cinemas, shows, musical concerts etc.

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