CEO NOIPolls- Dr Bell Ihua speaking on the Moneyline with Nancy on AIT

In a bid to grasp the vital role of Opinion Polls play in the Development of a Nation, Nancy Nnaji Hosted Dr. Bell Ihua (CEO @NOIPolls) in a dicussion on THE POLLING SYSTEM IN NIGERIA; WHO IS REALLY SCARED OF OPINION POLLS?

CEO NOIPolls- Dr. Bell Ihua speaking on Business Morning

NOIPolls CEO, Dr Bell Ihua reacts to President Buhari's comment on Nigerian Youths

CEO NOIPolls - Dr.Bell Ihua & Mr Eke Ubiji -Executive Secretary (NASME) on the MoneyLine Show

CEO NOIPolls - Dr.Bell Ihua & Mr Eke Ubiji -Executive Secretary (NASME) on the MoneyLine Show

Head. KMC NOIPolls - Christiana Ogbe & Dr. Ifeanyi Nsofor CEO EpiAfric on the MoneyLine Show

Dr. Bell Ihua & Dr Olumide Taiwo discussing NOIPolls 2017 National Poll Report on the MoneyLine Show

CEO NOIPolls - Dr. Bell Ihua & Dr. Olumide Taiwo - Executive Director Center for Health Economics and Development. 

Onu and Company Episode 4. Dangers of tobacco usage.

Dangers of tobacco use.

Noipolls Limited - No1 in opinion polling

Published on Dec 2, 2013

We are the No. 1 for country-specific polling services in West Africa. Learn more about us........




Monthly Presidential Poll: Key Findings Of NOIPolls Survey

Dr. Bell Ihua, NOIPolls CEO Joins Harriet Ogbenyi on Channels TV Business Morning for insight on NOIPolls and the role it plays bridging the data gap in Nigeria. Discussing findings from NOIPolls recently released poll results on the Monthly Presidential Job Approval Rating 

Business Morning What NOIPolls Survey Reveals On The Economy

Dr. Bell Ihua, NOIPolls CEO Joins Harriet Ogbenyi on Channels TV Business Morning for insight on NOIPolls and the role it plays bridging the data gap in Nigeria. Discussing findings from NOIPolls recently released poll results on the #IStandWithNigeria Campaign.



Eye On Nigeria's Manufacturing Sector


Focus On Nigeria's Economy


Buhari's June Rating What Latest NOI Polls Show


President Buhari’s Approval Rating Dips to 39 Percent in June 2016


Buhari's First Year Anniversary NOIPolls Surveys Nigerian


Business Morning What FG Is Trying To Achieve Over Petrol Deregulation


Business Morning Stake Holders Raise Concerns Over Delayed Budget


Nigerians willing to buy local products to strengthen economy



Economic Burden Of Disease Outbreaks



Championing Evidence Based Research in Nigeria






Business Morning: Corruption Perception In Nigeria



Taking stock of Nigeria's successes & failures at 55 via CNBC Africa




Nigeria recently celebrated new highs in power generation. However, according to recent surveys, average cumulative power supply received by Nigerian households in the past 27 months was below six hours per day. Bell Ihua, CEO of NOIPolls, joins CNBC Africa to discuss the survey on Nigeria's power supply.

How Social Media Affect New World Of Information

This edition of Business Morning looks at how the social media affects the new world of information and communication. with the NOIPolls released a survey result showing that the social media is playing a significant role in human's daily lives and the Chief Executive Officer of NOI Polls, Ogechukwu Modie, said the new world of media is shaping our lives.

Collection Of Data Can Improve Nation Building

The CEO of NOI Polls Limited, Oge Modi, has enlightened the public on the need to develop a better data collection culture, as this would help in the development of the country.

How much are Nigerians paying for fuel -NOIPolls Report

In this interview, the Managing Director/Cheif Executive Officer of NOIPolls sheds more light on the issues of fuel scarcity in Nigeria and evalution on how much are Nigerians paying for fuel based on petrol price tracking poll conducted by NOIPolls.

International Focus on Nigeria -Green Ndume and Oge Modie, CEO of NOIPOLLS

NOIPolls MDCEO, Ms. Oge Modie joined Green Ndume on International Focus on Nigeria Platform during her visit to Ghana to receive the Pan African Distinguished Achievers Award (PADAA) on behalf of NOIPolls Limited.

Onu and Company - The Pot of Soup

"The Pot of Soup" episode of Onu and CompanyTM Animation Series will educate the general public and key stakeholders on the processes involved in selecting respondents to our numerous polls, the analysis of the captured responses as well as create much needed awareness on the science that has been put in place to ensure that effective quality control and assurance is strictly adhered to from the beginning to the end of the polling process. 

Onu and Company Animation Series - Trailer

This animation series prodcued by NOIPolls aims to bring much needed balance in the predominant conversations in the day to day life of Nigerians and also support such conversations and common narratives with scientific and verifiable data and facts. 

Assessing Nigerian election polls: NOIPolls CEO on CNBC Africa

Election season in Nigeria has come to an end, and nine out of ten Nigerians believe that the voting process was free and fair. This is according to a recent poll by NOI Polls. NOIPolls CEO Oge Modie joins CNBC Africa.

Highlights of #SMWPolling:Connected with Data - YouTube

This news was published by  WebTv on Friday 27th February, 2015

Reaction to Nigerian election postponement via CNBC Africa

Published on Tue, 10 Feb 2015

Nigeria's elections have been postponed by 6 weeks to enable the military carry out an operation to secure Nigeria's north east, which has been terrorized by Boko Haram. NOIPols COO Dr Bell Joined CNBC Africa to discuss key findings from election postponement snap poll which was conducted to to assess the awareness and support of Nigerians on the postponement of the 2015 general elections.


Counterfeit drugs flood Nigerian market-via CNBC Africa

Published on Mar 11, 2015

In Nigeria's booming pharmaceutical industry, it pays to be observant. The World Health Organisation estimates the global fake medication industry to be worth a heart-pumping 431 billion dollars. The latest NOIPolls survey revealed that 18 per cent of Nigerians have been victims of fake, counterfeit drugs. The National Agency for Food and Drug Administration Control calls it, 'the greatest evil of our time and the highest weapon of terrorism and act of economic sabotage'. NOIPolls COO Dr. Bell Ihua Joined CNBC Africa to discuss this in details.


Nigerians appreciate the unity of the nation even in the midst of security challenges

Published on Mar 11, 2015

NOIPolls Independence Day Special Poll revealed that 90 per cent see themselves first as being Nigerians than as members of various Nigerian tribes. NOIPolls MD/CEO Ms. Oge Modie Joined CNBC Africa to discuss in the poll findings details.


Insights into Nigerian elections-NOIPolls MD/CEO on CNBC Africa

Published on Mar 11, 2015

NOIPolls MD/CEO Ms. Oge Modie joined CNBC Africa on the 12th of January 2015 to provide insight and perspective on the general elections scheduled for the 14th of February 2015


N.O.I. Polls Report 83% Increase In Nigerian Consumer Confidence

Published on Feb 6, 2014 Investigation shows that 64% of Nigerians are more comfortable with their present personal and economic situation while the expectation for an improved economy for 2014 rose to 96%

NOI Polls Press Briefing

Published on Feb 20, 2014 NOI Polls Nigeria's leading polling and research group, recently rolled out its new product offerings, for its opinion polling. To give further insight of them, it organized a press briefing to elaborate on the Consumer Confidence index, Business Confidence index and Eagle 30 Business Leaders index. Oge Modie MD/CEO NOI Polls and Dr Bell Ihua Director,Research NOI Polls share on this

NOI Polls:Championing the Opinions of Nigerians.

Published on Feb 19, 2014 Opinion polls are effective ways of gaining the feel of the public on topical issues that cut across social, economic, political and cultural issues.

BBC World Have Your Say: Nigeria Anti-Gay Law / Blogging About Cancer

Published on Jan 17, 2014 As Nigeria passes tough anti-gay legislation, do the new laws reflect the wishes of public opinion? A gay man who had to flee Nigeria for the US after being attacked speaks to a supporter of the law in Lagos and one of the ruling party MPs who promoted the law. Also, after controversy over criticism of a woman blogging about her life with cancer in the US, we speak to others who write about their illness to find out why they do it.

Nigeria's Presidential Elections in January 2011

A recent poll by Nigeria's NOIPolls sought to define the qualities that will decide who becomes Nigeria's president after the election in January next year. Joining ABN from Abuja on what criteria Nigerians will use to choose their next president going into Elections 2011 in January is Ndubuisi Anyanwu, CEO NOI Polls.

NOIPolls on AIT Kakaaki: 7 years of Polling in Nigeria

Published on May 16, 2014

MD/CEO NOIPolls, Oge Funlola Modie and the Director of Research, Dr. Bell Ihua, on the journey so far and the research methodologies the company deplores in gauging the perception of Nigerians.


Power, Security, Corruption, Access to finance limiting Nigerian businesses via CNBC Africa

Published on Dec 10, 2013

A three year tended result from the Business Leaders Perception Survey conducted by Noipolls over the period of 2009-2012 reveals that the most critical factors limiting Nigerian businesses are power, security, corruption and access to finance. Although Nigerian government hands over power assets to preferred bidders today. ABN's Ummu Ibrahim discussed the potential for growth in Nigeria with Oge Modie, CEO, NOIPolls.